Discover The “Women’s Only” Way To Get a Tighter, Slimmer Physique and Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life...

FINALLY! The Secret Women’s Only Bootcamp that Tons of Virginia Beach ladies have already used to lose pounds and inches is now available to YOU…

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Welcome to Virginia Beach's Wonder Women's Fitness Bootcamp...

  • Women's ONLY Fitness Classes

  • Weight Loss

  • Tone & Firm

  • Live a Healthier Life Style

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

Are you ready to look and feel fantastic?

Slimmer, more toned, and in the best shape of your life?!

Do you want to be able to finally slide into your favorite pair of jeans? Turn heads in that little black dress? Or, love the way you look in the mirror ...

Even when you’re not wearing a thing?!

If you’re looking for the quickest and most fun way to totally transform your body, you need to come check out our Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamp.

  • Eliminate those annoying trouble spots...
  • No more lack of motivation...
  • No more embarrassment about your weight...
  • No more belly weight...
  • No boring workouts...

If you’re like so many other women today who try, try, try, but never get the slim, toned and attractive body you crave, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Plus, be sure to take advantage of our 100% No-Obligation 30-Day Free Trial!


If you’ve struggled with your weight or fitness, have a poor body image, or have tried pills, fad diets, and exercise programs that just don’t work, you need to know something very important:

It’s not your fault that none of that stuff worked.

Up until today, you just didn’t have the support you needed to succeed.

Now, you can only blame yourself IF you don’t make the smart choice to learn more about our Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamp.

This is the real help and motivation you need. Isn’t it time to prove to yourself and the world how attractive, strong, and fit you really can be?!

Finally, Real Results For Real Women, Really Fast!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student, stay-at-home mom, 20-, 30-, 40- or 50-something, an Average Joanna, or an A-list actor, if you’re a woman, you deserve to look fabulous...

And you should have a blast doing it!

That’s why we’ve designed every part of our winning program to make sure you get results.

To us, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a movie star or a soccer mom or whether you need to lose five or forty five lbs, when you walk in our doors, you deserve the same thing as every other woman:

  • Great results
  • Reach your target weight
  • Tone up your muscles
  • Firm and attractive core
  • The tools and information you need to create a healthy lifestyle
  • Motivation to stay fit and remain at your goal weight!
  • A safe, comfortable place for you to focus on you
  • And, it all needs to be fun, fun, fun (are you starting to get the idea that we’re all about fun here?!)

And, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for the best women’s bootcamp in all of Virginia Beach and beyond!

You Don't Have To Fight Your Weight!

Is This Your Story?

At our Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamp, we were tired of seeing women struggle.

We know how discouraging and frustrating it can be to not lose weight. In the past, maybe you tried diets or exercise plans. Perhaps you lost a few pounds at a time, but then those pounds came back fast…

And usually with a few more pounds added on, right?

More often than not, however, you probably didn’t see any results – except spending tons of money on new weight loss or diet programs that “promised” you’d see results “almost overnight.”  And, believe me, we’ve seen how damaging all those crazy fad diets and unhealthy workouts can be.

That’s why we knew we had to create a program that would show women in the Virginia Beach area the right way to eat, exercise, and live the good life!

At our Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamp, we believe you should feel like a superstar.

And, now…

we’ve made it easier than ever to get started on the right path!

If you are ready to finally lose the weight, and have flat, toned abs, a nice looking strong core, sculpted arms and legs, and great health, too…

It’s time to treat yourself to the most fun you’ve ever had getting fit...

Stop Wasting Your Time
Start Looking Fabulous!
(You will wonder why you didn't come in sooner)

Women's Fitness Circuit Training

It’s Almost Too Much Fun To Be Called A “Workout”

After so many years of watching women – even female trainers – making mistake after mistake with their weight loss and exercise programs, we realized it was time for us to do something to help women like you get the help you need to succeed.

You need to get your hands on the Effective Know How to great health and fitness…

Even if you’re just looking to lose a few pounds or get rid of that belly “pooch” that just won’t go away, it’s your body and you deserve it to be the best it can be, right?

That’s why we’re so happy you’re reading this right now…

Over the past year, my team and I have worked hard to create a women’s only fitness program that was unlike any other in all of Virginia Beach.

We’ve created a super fun program that allows any woman – including you – to experience  jaw-dropping results that will stun you and your family and friends…

Within days of getting started, you’ll begin seeing results…

  • the weight will start melting away
  • you’ll start to feel a strong and attractive core
  • you’ll be healthier and happier
  • you’ll feel more energy and optimism

How does that all sound to you? Hopefully terrific!

So, if you’re done with your fitness negatively affecting your entire life – your drive, your career, your romantic relationships, and all of the activities you miss out on every day – it’s time you gave yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s time you put all those struggles in the past and start living like you’ve been a rock star of health and fitness always!

We’re here to help you get back the life you crave and deserve.

So, What’s Included?!
Too Much Good Stuff To Put All In One Place!

When you sign up to become an official Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamper, your new life is about to begin.

We’ve designed every class to be fun, exciting, and different.

  • Each class is personalized to give you the perfect challenge without pushing you too hard. You want real results without being wiped out, right?

  • Because we’re constantly changing the exercises and activities, you’ll NEVER get bored with the “same old routine.”

  • With kickboxing, obstacle courses, women’s only circuit training, and so much more, every class is an adventure waiting to happen!

  • We promise motivating, adrenaline-boosting, and smile-making classes every time.

You’ll see real results

Plus, since we emphasize proper technique and give you constant one-on-one personal training added to the support of your peers, you’ll have the best environment possible for getting fit and fine!

To learn more about what’s included in our bootcamp fitness classes, email, call or come in today to get the inside scoop...

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Plus, be sure to take advantage of our 100% No-Obligation 30-Day Free Trial!

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What Bootcamp Can Do For You

Our Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamp will help you lose weight, feel better, look better, and live healthier.

You will feel more attractive, get a huge self-esteem boost, and just enjoy an all-around feeling of being fitter & slimmer!

Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds or >50, or just want that tight, firm, flat tummy and attractive body, this is could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Our Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamp is different than all of the fad diets and exercise plans on the market today, including all the fancy products, all the diet books, and all of the hype.

You’ll see for yourself that losing weight, getting fit and looking fabulous does NOT have to be so hard when you know the right way to do it!

Are you ready to start down this new path to health and happiness?  Of course you are!

“But, Nothing’s Ever Worked Before —
How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?”

Some of you might be saying “Nothing has ever worked for me before, so why should I waste my time with your bootcamp?”

Nine times out of ten, however, after women try our bootcamp for only one week and start seeing the results, they discover they’re hooked for good.

It’s a fact....

Your body wants to be healthy, naturally.

But, for reasons of fear, emotion, and habits, many people simply give up on living the healthy life they’ve always dreamed of because no one ever showed them how to “do” it the right way. We’re here to show you how!

It may seem daunting at first to plunge into a whole new world of health and fitness...

But with one-on-one training and the support of your fellow women – you’re going to do just great!

Here Is What Will Happen To You When You Become Our Next Bootcamper...

From your very first class, you’ll begin to see how good it’s going be…

  • Imagine what it would be like to not constantly feel embarrassed by your weight or frustrated because another diet or exercise plan didn’t work. It’s time to rediscover the joy of just being you
  • Can you picture what an entire day with your new body and fitness is going to feel like? Feels awesome, right? Now picture what it would feel like to leave your weight struggles behind for a week, a month, a year…a lifetime…now you’re starting to see what you can expect.
  • Do you dream about living a life where you aren’t constantly feeling the fear of failing your diet, yourself, and your family? With everything you’ll learn at our Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamp you can turn that dream into a reality.

Stop imagining what “could be” and let us help you get the life you deserve. You can do it! We’re here to help!

Your FREE Trial includes:

  • 1

    Personal Consultation

  • 2

    Fitness Assessment

  • 3

    Kickboxing Lesson ($67 Value)

  • 4

    Fitness Bootcamp Body Weight Exercises Manifesto for Women

You have nothing to lose! Call us today at:


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With convenient evening classes, there is no better time to start losing weight than right NOW!

At Virginia Beach Women’s Only Fitness Bootcamp, we’re here to give you everything you need to get started on one the best experiences of your life.


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Disclaimer: Results are NOT typical and will vary for every student.  Weight loss and a tone, fit body DO NOT come without hard work and time.  Many women who join Wonder Woman Fitness Bootcamp work hard and attend class on a regular basis in order to achieve the results they want.